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Date: 24/09/19, 13h15 – 17h15
Title of Minicourse: Introduction to machine learning with applications in image processing
Abstract: The minicourse will explore practical aspects of the main machine learning techniques, exemplifying their uses and applications in image processing problems. In the first part, basic concepts about supervised and unsupervised learning, as well as some of its key techniques will be presented and discussed. In a second moment, real data applications will be explored and discussed using free software R.
Lecturer: Prof. Fábio Mariano Bayer, PhD
Institute: Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
Country: Brazil
 Title of Minicourse: Uncertainty in high-level information fusion
Abstract: This minicourse will focus on uncertainty management techniques for high-level information fusion applications. The initial part will present the problem by providing an overview on the most commonly used approaches in this area. Then, two techniques will be explored with more detail, Bayesian networks and Dempster-Shafer theory, in which their associated theoretical framework will be presented at a level that allows for applying the examples studied in the minicourse. These examples will be generic in nature and will include cybersecurity, social media analysis, situational awareness, and command and control – the latter will be explored in more detail. Prior knowledge about these techniques is not expected from the audience, although some understanding on probability theory and statistics is advisable. Prior knowledge on graph theory is recommended for a better retention of the subject.
Lecturer: Prof. Paulo Cesar Guerreiro Costa, PhD
Institute: George Mason University
Country: USA
 Title of Minicourse: Introduction to Power over Fiber Systems for sensor monitoring
Abstract: The main objective of this course is to introduce recently developed Power over Fiber (PoF) systems for sensors monitoring. An overview of a typical optical communication link with will be presented, including the description of the main devices used. A specific focus will be made about the power over fiber systems used to transmit energy and to exchange data with a sensors network, which is an attractive solution in hostile environments.
Lecturer: Prof. André Pérennou, PhD
Institute: École Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Brest
Country: France
Title of Minicourse: Semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) – Principal characteristics and applications
Abstract: In this course, a review will be given about the structure, the principal static and dynamic characteristics of SOAs and their applications in optical communication networks and in microwave and photonics domain.
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Ammar Sharaiha, PhD
Institute: École Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Brest
Country: France
Title of Minicourse: Burning rate issues in solid rocket propulsion
Abstract: This intensive minicourse is addressed to propulsion engineers working in solid propulsion and is organized in three parts. In the first part, fundamentals of burning rate are treated spanning from the standard definitions (thickness-over-time and mass balance) to the many empirical laws proposed in the literature and from the most representative propellant flame models to combustion stability phenomena. In the second part of the course, practical devices used to measure steady burning rates are described, spanning from strand burners to closed volume bombs and small-scale test motors. In the third part of the course, specific strategies typically implemented to predict steady burning rates in large size rocket motors, such as space launchers boosters, are discussed. For each topic, several examples are given in detail. 
Lecturer: Prof. Luigi DeLuca, PhD
Institute: Politecnico di Milano
Country: Italy


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