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Submissions 2019


This year, SIGE will accept works, in Portuguese or English, in two modalities: Academic Papers and Presentation in Poster. In the form of Academic Papers , complete articles must be submitted, which will go through the peer review process, judged according to the scientific rigor, contribution and originality of the theme.
The format of Presentation in Poster is destined to works originating from the operational sector or defense industries, whose subjects do not constitute an academic article, but that its diffusion is relevant in a technical-scientific forum focused on operational applications. The poster work will be judged according to the relevance of the presented theme and its affinity with the thematic areas of XXI SIGE. All papers submitted will be evaluated by at least two reviewers. Full papers and poster abstracts will be included in the annals of the event.


  • The following [Microsoft Word] Template or [Latex] Template contains the detailed formatting instructions for the article, which should contain at least four (4) and a maximum of six (6) pages.
  • On the first page of the article, you should only place the title of the work without the identification of the authors and their affiliations. Only the final version, once accepted, should contain this information.
  • The pages of this file should not contain numbering or any header or footer.


  • The following [Microsoft PowerPoint] Template preformatted in Microsoft Power Point contains the detailed formatting instructions for the poster.
  • The size set for the poster is 90 × 110 cm, with the event logo (XXI SIGE) fixed at the constant position in the model. The logos of the authors’ institutions should be placed in the space suggested next.
  • There should also be no identification of the authors and their affiliations in the poster. Only the final version, once accepted, should contain this information.
Papers may only be submitted in “.pdf” format, as an article or poster, and the option must be chosen at the time of submission.
As in last year, article submissions for the XXI SIGE will be given by the JEMS system in the following link: Registrations closed
Instructions for using the JEMS system:
  • If you do not already have an account on the JEMS system, click on the “create your account here” link. Fill in the required fields and then click “New User” at the bottom of the page. The confirmation of the registration in the system and your initial password will be sent to your email informed, which can be modified later.
  • After logging in to the JEMS system with your user account, locate the “XXI SIGE” option in the “Accepting paper registration and upload” table.
  • Choose the submission mode from the available options (“Complete Article” or “Poster Presentation”) by clicking on the corresponding “submit paper” button highlighted in orange.
  • On the page that opens, fill in the fields associated with:
  1. Autores;
  2. Paper title: only the title of the paper should be informed, without any identification of the authors or their institutions;
  3. Paper abstract: should be filled with Abstract with a maximum of 150 words, followed by 3 keywords, the first of which must match the name of the main classification area of ​​the work, chosen from those marked in the ” Paper Topics “below; and
  4. Paper topics: check the area (s) related to the submitted article.
  • Make sure that the Track field corresponds to your chosen option, “Full Article” or “Poster Presentation”, and click “Submit”.
  • On the page that will open, click:
  1. Edit: if you want to change the data already filled in; or
  2. Upload: if you wish to upload the “.pdf” file of your work.
Further information can be obtained by the following email:


Informamos que o prazo para submissão de trabalhos foi prorrogado para o dia 30 de junho de 2019. Aproveite para incluir seu artigo ou poster no evento.