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Symposium on Operational Applications in Defense Areas (SIGE)
SIGE is an annual event promoted by the Technological Institute of Aeronautics, with the aim of creating an environment of exchange between the educational, professional and operational capacities of the Armed Forces, regarding teaching, research and development of Defense areas. The organizing team of SIGE is formed by the Coordination Commission of the Post-Graduation in Operational Applications (PPGAO) and counts on the voluntary participation of all masters and doctoral students of the PPGAO. The Body of Article Reviewers submitted are made up of members of the national and international scientific community, and operational sector of the armed forces and industry, with wide knowledge in the Defense area of Defense.


Informamos que o prazo para submissão de trabalhos foi prorrogado para o dia 30 de junho de 2019. Aproveite para incluir seu artigo ou poster no evento.