Electronic Warfare and Remote Sensing
GE – Microwave Devices, Sensors and Antennas and their Defense Applications
GE – Signal Processing in Radar Systems
GE – SAR and ISAR Image Processing
GE – Photonic Technology in RF Signal Processing
GE – Multispectral Systems and Sensors (Visible, UV, IR, THz)
GE – Radiometry and Spectrometry
GE – Embedded Systems Integration
GE – Communications Systems Applied to Defense
GE – Software Defined Radio (RDS) in Military Applications
GE – Electromagnetic Wave Absorbing Materials
Operational Analysis and Logistics Engineering
AO – Support for Multicriteria Decision
AO – Systems Engineering and Support of Defense Systems
AO – Applied Statistics and Simulation
AO – Structuring Complex Problems
AO – Flight Safety
AO – Operational Research
Command and Control and Cyber Defense
C2 – Software Engineering
C2 – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
C2 – Complex Networks
C2 – Computer Networks
C2 – Distributed Networks
C2 – Cybersecurity
C2 – Multiagent Systems
Weapon Systems and Space Applications
SA – Propellants, explosives, pyrotechnics, thermal protection and applied materials
SA – Systems Engineering
SA – GNSS and GPS Navigation Systems
SA – Satellites and Space Systems
CBRN and Bioengineering Defense
BIO – Bioengineering
BIO – Radiological and nuclear defense
BIO – Chemical and biological defense
BIO – Safety of systems and crews in radioactive environments